Bacalhôa Palace
manor, mansion

The Bacalhôa brand, established in 1922, has allays showed a search for the perfection of their wines
Previous names
Bacalhôa Palace, Palácio da Bacalhoa
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The Bacalhôa brand, established in 1922, has allays showed a search for the perfection of their wines. The commitment of Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal is focused on the product differentiation, followed by a strong innovative component simultaneously, in order to not only meet but also anticipate and even exceed the expectations of the visitors of its spaces. This differentiation ambience of is clearly noticed in the famous Palace and Quinta da Bacalhôa, in Azeitão, a estate with a history that dates back to the beginning of the Avis Dynasty.

In Detail

The Quinta and de Bacalhôa Palace are surrounded by a unique landscape with a historical background dating back from the early 14th century. The architecture and the décor of the Palace gardens show the influences of the Portuguese discoveries, memories of their first owners inspired in the travels along Europe, Africa and the East, thus helping to transform this space into a single gem.

Over time, the Quinta has being adorned with 14th and 15th centuries Portuguese tiles evoking Moorish designs, and a "casa de fresco" overlooking the estate. From the inside to the outside, you can see unique pieces of the private art collection of Comendador Berardo passing through the gardens and vineyards to the "casa de fresco" where you can find the first tile dated in Portugal.

In 1936, the Palace of Bacalhôa was bought and restored by Orlena Scoville, of the United States of America, whose grandson undertook the mission of making the estate one of the biggest wine producers in Portugal, in the 70s of the 20th century. Acquired by ComendadorBerardo in 2000, is classified as a National Monument.

After major restoration works inside, keeping the original design, this monument opens its doors and invites you to visit every corner with great history.

The Museum of Bacalhôa is at the group's headquarters, located in Quinta da Bassaqueira. Visit the Museum and discover the different collections of works of art divided into three thematic groups. "Out of Africa", an exhibition that aims to honour the Honourable, and forever President, Nelson Mandela. The "What a Wonderful World" exhibition, a passage for an ambiance of glamour and perfection the mixes Art Nouveau with Art Deco, in an endearing atmosphere marked by the euphoria of the Roaring Twenties. And finally, "The Portuguese Tile from the 16th to the 20th centuries" an exhibition that shows the importance of the tile in Portugal. Used for more than five centuries eventually turn into a genuine national contribution to the world's artistic and cultural heritage.

At present, Quinta da Bacalhôa belongs to the José Berardo Foundation and Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal.


Lake House

Visit the Lake House and discover the first tile ever dated in Portugal.

Tasting Room

Relax in the modern tasting room of the Bacalhôa Museum while you admire the peaceful scenery of the Japanese Garden.

Exhibition Room

Travel along the works of art divided into three thematic groups: African Art, Portuguese Tiles and Art Deco.

Location & Directions

The Palace, the Museum and the Quinta da Bacalhôa are located in Vila Fresca de Azeitão.

Useful information


Palace: 8.00 EUR

Winery+Museum: 3.00 EUR

Winery+Museum+Palace: 10.00 EUR


- Private property (farm and winery)

- Guided tours are available at certain time

- Closed on Sundays

- Wine tasting

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